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Rocket Chinese Review: Learn Chinese Language the Right Way

Chinese is known as one of the most important languages.  This is due to large number of Chinese who invaded different industries and the numbers are continuously rising. In fact, it is the top spoken language in the whole world with approximately 1.2 billion speakers. Having the ability to speak the language fluently has a huge advantage especially on the competitive world of business.


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Whether you are looking for Chinese business partner, planning to visit China and explore the country or just want to learn the language, maybe you can consider the option of learning Chinese at home.  However, one of the most difficult things that you will encounter when learning a new language is how to choose the appropriate method.

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There are several courses that you can purchase and download over the internet but you do not know which one really works. It is important to identify the program that is effective and worth for the money. This course is one of the top choices among beginners and this review will explain why. With this article, you will have an overview about the contents of the program as well as to determine if this is the best choice for you.



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Rocket Chinese Review: What to Expect in Rocket Chinese?

Rocket Chinese belongs to the portfolio of Rocket Languages that also includes other languages such as French, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic.  The Rocket Chinese is under the Libros Media Company and been in the industry since 2004. This review demonstrates that the track record of the company is relatively good in terms of product development and customer service. It offers US toll-free number and online to provide excellent round the clock customer support.


The Rocket Chinese is a kind of software that allows self-guided teaching program and helps individuals to learn Chinese with its multiple methods. Collectively, these methods are known as Interactive Learning that helps people learn the language faster. The program uses three main methods of teaching and these are software for vocabulary games, special recording for pronunciation helper and audio tapes.



As part of the program, the software for vocabulary games includes Mega Audio and MegaVocab. These games will teach you to recognize vocabulary words quickly in its spoken and written forms, thus making you learn Chinese the faster way.


Rocket Record or special recording for pronunciation helper is also included in this Rocket Chinese review. This allows you to perfect the pronunciation of words by repeating similar phrase said by the program. Continue pronouncing the words until such time your pronunciation is the same with the program. The use of audio tapes is another method of teaching and it contains 30 tapes with a total length of 15 hours. These tapes explain the learning basics, proper speaking as well as pronunciation.

You will obtain these amazing features if you purchase Rocket Chinese package. In addition, you can access the forum for free, allowing you to interact with fellow Chinese learners and teachers.  Another good thing is that they offer money-back-guarantee for a period of 60 days.

The program is called Rocket since anyone can learn the language quickly by utilizing RC. This is possible as long as the learner will also do his job to stay motivated and determined to learn Chinese. In addition, there are many successful stories coming from different RC reviews that show how effective the R’ Chinese was. This is because of the comprehensive and structured lessons offered as well as the additional features that are unique to this Chinese course.


Rocket Chinese


Why should you Purchase Rocket Chinese Premium?

The web is loaded with numerous downloadable Chinese courses but probably the best choice is the Rocket Chinese Premium. This program allows you to learn and speak the language the easiest way. As part of this Review, the programhas several features that include:

  • more than 30hrs of well-structured audio lessons and transcriptions are also included
  • cultural and language lessons
  • 24-hours access in Members Forum
  • motivation center and learning languages strategies
  • tests and certificates

This Rocket Chinese review illustrates that the audio lessons are the main portion of the Premium and they are available for download or on the computer. The lessons are well-designed and organized into 3 levels that allow the beginners to easily advance in the lesson. Each lesson lasts for about 20 minutes and provides you an opportunity to speak, practice and interact. The topics are fascinating and reflect the real life circumstances in China. The Premium package also includes notes, quizzes and transcripts.


Motivation Center is also a unique feature in the course.  It offers different kinds of strategies and tips to help you improve your study habit.  Premium members enjoy 24-hours access to Community Forum where members and teachers respond immediately to questions.  The combined community knowledge provides an excellent support while you are learning.


Every lesson is reflected with Cultural and Language Lesson which is another unique feature in this Rocket Chinese Premium. The lessons offer remarkable insights and show the China’s culture.  The acquired knowledge will boost your confidence to speak Chinese.  Moreover, Chinese characters and Chinese grammar are also included in the lessons.

  Rocket Chinese Review



Rocket Chinese is an excellent learning tool for beginners who want to learn Chinese the fastest way.  The program is well-designed, navigation is easy and covers wide array of topics.  Audio lessons are fun to learn and upbeat. This RC review guarantees that you will obtain a solid Chinese foundation as you progress. The program is great value for your money but if you are not satisfied, there is a 60 days money-back-guarantee.

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